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STYLE      16.11.21


A film by Achille Mauri and Stefano Steno.

Directed by Achille Mauri

Cinematography: Stefano Steno

Producer: Kseniya Ohorodnik

Music: Pavel Milyakov

In collaboration with Threes Productions

Singer and Narrator: Hiroko Mastropaolo

Lyrics: Petra Gogna

Sound Designer: Tommaso Simonetta

Title Designer: Ada Karayel

Colorist: Orash Rahnema

Styling: Chiara Tiso

Model: Federico Folladore

Drone Operator: Ludovico Waston

Drone Op. Assistant: Federica Cerabino

Focus Puller: Riccardo Margotta

2nd Assistant Camera: Andrea Ippolito

Still Photographer: Alberto Cantù

Production Assistant: Antonio Nicoletti

How fast can messages travel in space / time?
The way information travels in the modern world is something extremely obvious and not very tangible.
The concept of distance is canceled, matter is canceled.
The only thing that remains is imaginary bundles that travel over known spaces, without being perceived.
And what about when it was men carrying messages?
The messenger knew the information he was bringing and this was what defined his speed and enthusiasm.

We have created a video where one or more subjects carry a red flag as they walk across wild natural settings passing by abandoned huts and mysterious lakes. A video that helps the viewer enter an imaginary world through visuals and sounds characterized by an oriental touch.

The deep feminine Japanese voice that seamlessly blends in with the sound through-out the entire video is the unique voice of Hiroko Martopaolo, who can be heard reciting and singing a piece of text written by Petra Gogna.

Thanks to a collaboration with Threes Productions and the music curated by Pavel Milyakov, the video will touch ambient atmospheres, drum and bass and drone.